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Quick and intuitive data entry

Due to the quickness of the game, special attention has been given to a fast and intuitive data entry, every action can be inserted with 2 taps, choosing from concise lists.

Easy To Customize

Define up to 10 actions by your own, if you want to track special actions or information. Activate/deactivate the actions that can be entered and shown in the stats.

Real time statistics

Player statistics, game stats and the complete score of the game can be called up in real time during the game, and send by email whenever you want.

Data synchronisation

All data (teams, players, games, etc..) can be synchronised with other devices or members of your team. The data will be protected by username and password.


And here is what the users say about the app. We are glad to get feedback like this!

Miro J.
"Very easy to use during a game."
Centis B.
"I have tried most, if not all, of the apps available on Android/iOS/Windows and this is by far the most usable and stream lined for entering real time stats."
Bill B.
"This app is both easy to use and powerful."
Steven S.
"This app is the whole package. If you have questions or suggestions the developer is great at communicating with you and is open to suggestions."
Mark T.
"Simple, everything a hockey coach is looking for in end of game statistics."


Due to the large amount of data to be displayed, the app is recommended being used on tablets, but is optimised for smartphones as well. The language can be chosen independently from the system language of your device.

Hockey Statistics App for Android
Tournament details
Hockey season statistics
Take hockey stats
Hockey player stats
Hockey game stats
Hockey game score
Hockey player stats


The app is available on Google Play and on the Amazon Appstore

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The app lets you create a season, containing several tournaments (you could name those tournaments "Regular season", "Post season", "xy Cup"or whatever). Cumulative team statistics are created only for the games of a tournament, not for the whole season including several tournaments. Player stats are available also as "career stats", which contain all games played by a player for a certain team, over all seasons and tournaments.
The app is designed for smartphones and tablets running Android, with a dedicated UI optimized for all screen sizes. Devices running Fire OS are supported as well, you can find the apps on the Amazon Appstore.
This app is designed to keep the stats of "your" team, so in the end you don't have the full statistics for both teams, but anyway you have many things like bullies, shots and saves also for the other team, considering these actions as "opposite actions" from those of your teams. For instance the bullies lost and won, but also the saves of your goalies along with blocked shots and so on...
All the stats of a game (game details, players stats, detailed game score) as well as the tournament statistics can be mailed. In the demo version the list is cut down to 5 players, in the full version of course there aren't any limitations. The format of the data is html. If you want to send the stats in different languages (maybe you have a team of coaches and assistants of different langueages), just change the app language on the main screen. The statistics are always send in the current language.
Yes, of course all the stats are available in real time, just press the refresh button in the upper right corner. You don't even have to stop the clock, just switch to the tab of your interest and check the data!
The language can be chosen independently from the system language of your device. Currently, the following localizations are available: English, German, Swedish, French, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Slovak and Croatian.


If you have some doubts, just let us know! We're always happy to help!

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